FLIR A300 Automation

The information below outlines key features that contribute to FLIR A-Series infrared cameras world class performance.

Analysis Built-in extensive analysis functions (only FLIR A310)
Spot, area measurement and difference temperature functions.
Alarm Built-in alarm functions (only FLIR A310)
As function of analysis, internal temperature or digital input.
Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP compliance (only FLIR A310)
Easy sharing of analysis, alarm results to PLC:s.
Messaging Messaging functionality (only FLIR A310)
The camera automatically sends analysis results, IR images and more as an e-mail on schedule or at alarm. Autonomous dispatch of files or e-mails, acting as an FTP- or SMTP-client.
masking Image masking functionality (only FLIR A310)
Select only the relevant part of the image for your analysis.
MPEG4 MPEG-4 streamed video
MPEG-4 streamed video output over Ethernet to show live images on a PC, 640x480 with overlay up to 30 Hz, system dependent.
Power over Ethernet PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Communication and power supplied with only one cable.
Digital i/o Digital inputs/outputs (only FLIR A310)
For alarms and control of external equipment.
Monitor Software IR monitor software
In house developed software with support to up to nine cameras simultaneously.
video output.png
Video output
Composite video output, PAL and NTSC compatible.
25 Lens Lens
Built-in 25 degree lens with both motorized focus and autofocus. Optional lenses available.
<45 mK High sensitivity < 50 mK
< 50 mK thermal sensitivity captures the finest image details and temperature difference information.
remote control
Remote control
Remote control of the camera over the Web and TCP/IP protocol.
16 bit.png 16 bit image
16 bit image transfer to PC for analysis.
100MB.png Built-in 100 Mb Ethernet connection
100 Mb Ethernet.